About Us

Invictus Security & Safety Solutions is a Canadian, Aboriginal owned company specializing in oil & gas security. We offer customized security and safety solutions that manage risk in a way that is proportionate, relevant, and meets our client’s specific needs.

The Team

Invictus Security & Safety Solutions is managed by a team of highly qualified and experienced law enforcement professionals.  Our managers have extensive experience and training, and have previous service with law enforcement and military agencies.


Extensive  experience in law enforcement, security management, high-level security, intelligence gathering, investigations, consultation, business operations and procurement.

· Law Enforcement experience in both Municipal and First Nation Land ( Constable to Acting Deputy Chief levels)
· Corporate, executive protection, physical security and risk management
· Budget development, managing funds and resources, preforming cost-benefit analysis, estimating future financial needs, budget procedures
· American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS) member
· Qualified in interpreting provisions of all Federal, Provincial and Municipal codes, statues, including the National Energy Board and the Alberta Energy Regulator
· Detailed knowledge of current regional, national and international threat environment pertaining to construction and operations of pipelines and facilities
· Extensive experience conducting investigations,  knowledge of criminal and civil law and various related acts.
· Experience in development, implementation and evaluation of security management

Summary of Experience

· Primary liaison with Provincial and Federal government security agencies
· Implementation of policy, procedures and training programs related to security in private and federal industries
· Extensive Aboriginal relations both Provincial and Federal levels of government
· Intelligence analysis, Agency representation of Criminal Intelligent Section of Alberta
· Executive protection  (National leader level)
· Security Intelligence and investigations specialist for the Immigration Refugee Board as well developing and directing security plans; incorporating anti-terrorism force protection initiatives
· Direct consultation for oil & gas, forestry and linear developments
· Budgeting involving personal. business operations and procurement
· Extensive law enforcement operations, training  and supervision experience.
· Development, implementation and continued maintenance of emergency plans and procedures
· Management of risk assessments and development
· Security related programs development, training and threat monitoring.
· Assessment of security breaches, policies, guidelines, procedures and standards
· Consultant to senior leadership regarding security, security intelligence and investigations
· Conducting threat vulnerability and security and risk assessment for commercial facilities
· Twenty-five years of First Nation, policy and strategic engagement.


A professional individual with a diverse experience in Health, Environment, Safety, Security and Law Enforcement. Regarded as a result driven employee who has supervised investigations leading to positive outcomes for all parties involved.

Summary of Qualifications

• Full understanding of the Security and Safety Profession and have gained experience and knowledge over several investigations and associations.
• Excellent interpersonal skills utilized to disseminate information to individuals at all levels. Maintained a respect from this community.
• Obtained an education in the Security and Safety Industry, with various courses over a 35-year career.
• One who leads by example and works to build a consensus among those supervised and have partnered with. A working knowledge of the Canadian Criminal Code, Federal and Provincial Statutes including Transport Canada, with an understanding of the court system.
• Have received training in Operational Management, Negotiation, Civil Disaster personnel management and communications.
• Certification, Training and Investigation in Occupational Health and Safety, Whims, Dangerous Goods and Confined Space, First Aid and Construction.
• Have obtained the NCSO designation.
• Have been involved in several criminal code investigations.
• Currently hold a British Columbia Class 1 with Air Endorsement and 6 Operators License and a British Columbia Security License.

Professional Experience

• Have Consulted with Land Owners and First Nations for Land Lease set up for oil and gas drilling.
• Ensured subordinate's compliance with operational policies and procedures. Conducted safety orientations for onsite and transportation personal. Experience in roadside vehicle inspections under the CVSA Program including Oil and Gas, Dangerous Goods Vehicles.
• Responded as Incident Commander to serious incidents, the most resent was the Floods in Southern Alberta of 2013.
• Have been a part of the security and close protection for leaders attending the G8 Summit and World Petroleum Conference.
• Have been responsible in setting up an office in northern Alberta, assist in supervising and training of Sheriffs to conduct traffic enforcement and traffic investigations.
• Sheriffs to conduct traffic enforcement and traffic investigations.
• While with the Calgary Police Services Truck Unit, obtained various courses with respect to Commercial Vehicles, bus inspections, hours of service, collision investigation, and safety inspections within the commercial vehicle industry.
• Fully qualified Collision Re-constructionist, Drug Interdiction and Impaired Driving Investigator.
• Have approximately 30000 training hours as the Chief Instructor and Program Coordinator for the Alberta Sheriffs and the Calgary Police Motorcycle Training Program.
• Supervised Constables assigned to general front-line policing duties and Sheriffs assigned to traffic duties.
• Developed and wrote organizational policies, procedures and training policies which have been accepted by Government and Industry.
• Investigated Safety/Security Incidents fully to a positive conclusion with corrective measures put into place under the Taproot Program on the Kearl Lake Exxon/Esso Project.
• Held a Safety Position on the Kearl Lake project, both Plant and Pipeline Construction.
• Have Conducted Security Risk Assessments, highly noted Tower, Eight Ave Place, Calgary AB
• Safety Field Coordinator for Thurber Engineering on the City of Calgary Transit Greenline, conducting the Geo Technical Drilling.